We had been looking for a Martial Arts class for our young son and Panther had been recommended to us by multiple people.  Of course we wanted to shop around and after visiting a pretty disappointing Martial Arts class, we made our way to Panther.

Unfortunately when we stopped by, Panther was closed for a street parade that was happening that day. However, Shawn and his wife saw us peeking in and opened the door and graciously showed us around. He instantly piqued our son’s interest by asking “So you want to do Ninja Training?”

We came back another day to watch classes. The feeling at Panther is very welcoming, inclusive and friendly while also structured and serious about training.

Our son was going through a bit of a rough patch, and after discussing it with Shawn, he worked out a plan, including some private training to help our son get the most out of Panther.

At the first training session, Shawn had arranged to have an extraordinary boy, who had been training at Panther for 18 months, and his mom join us. I got to talk to his mom about violent bullying her son had gone through and how much he had grown from Panther. He shared with our son his own struggles with beginning Taekwondo and how far he had come. It was inspiring.

My son’s other instructor is Joy who is wonderful and teaches with the same intensity as Shawn. She has calm peaceful warrior energy.

Needless to say, by the end of the first class, my son was hooked. He loves Panther and wishes he could go every day. We saw a change in him after the first class, and his confidence has grown just in a few short weeks. He is quickly progressing in his kicks and punches and is ready to kick some butt, but won’t, because he’s taken an oath not to use his skills for aggression or violence.

The instructors know how to teach children. They meet them where the kids are at, while always encouraging them to do a little more and work a little harder. I quickly realized that through Shawn’s leadership, kids and adults are not just learning fitness or Martial Arts, they are learning life lessons about confidence, courage, respect, self-discipline and lifelong health. My husband and I agree that Shawn is a special human that you don’t always get to encounter in life and the instructors that he has trained are extraordinary.

An added bonus is there is work out equipment- treadmills, weight machines and bikes-for parents to jump on while the kids get a workout. No small thing as us parents need to live the example for our children.

My husband and I would recommend this place to anyone young or old!