Kids taekwondo, kickboxing & karate

We offer focused and disciplined martial arts classes for  kids ages 4 to 14, teaching Tae Kwon Do, Kick Boxing for Self Defense  and Ninja Tumbling. Parents have the opportunity of working out on our  full-service gym equipment while their kids are taking classes.

Kids training at PANTHER Fitness is designed to help your  child transform mentally as well as emotionally. Our Black Belt trainers  will teach your child basic martial arts skills and help their hand-eye  coordination, strength, and skills increase. On top of that, your child  will become more confident, learn about respect, discipline, and  self-control.

Here at PANTHER Martial Arts & Family Fitness we pride  ourselves on excellence. Kids learn spatial awareness, mental focus and  perseverance. There is also a strong sense of Community and Family  Values.

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